How to Order & Delivery Details

We created a unique ordering and delivering system with you, our customer, in mind to make the entire juicing experience more enjoyable, more convenient and as economical as possible. Here are the main features:

  1. Ability to submit one order for various days
  2. No minimum order amount
  3. Various delivery/pick-up time windows
  4. A low flat delivery charge anywhere within the delivery area

We will do our best to meet you in person and hand you the bottles directly. However, if it happens that you are not available when we arrive with the delivery during the scheduled time, we will leave it in front of your door. We also provide a comment box within the check-out page and will try to accommodate any special requests as much as possible. Please note that we are not able to guarantee a delivery at a specific time within the selected time frame.

To minimize the waste and conserve the environment, all of our products are packaged in returnable glass bottles. Click here to learn about our bottle return process.

View our service area and pick-up location maps.