Cancellation Policy

Upon ordering and confirming your purchase, there are no refunds offered. If you cancel your order a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the delivery/pick-up date you have chosen, your account will be credited for the exact amount paid that you can apply to any future order. You may not cancel any orders less than 48 hours before expected pick-up or delivery.

Note of caution: To make the ordering process convenient for you, we allow submitting one order for multiple delivery/pick-up dates. For these orders, the cancellation policy always considers the earliest scheduled date. Hence, if an order consists of two or more deliveries/pick-ups and the first scheduled delivery/pick-up is fulfilled or is less than 48 hours prior to being fulfilled, the order cannot be cancelled. Please contact us at, if special circumstances arise.

Please also note that by cancelling an order containing various delivery/pick-up dates, all of the scheduled dates within the particular order are cancelled.